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subject : Land use--Alabama--Maps
Location map.; Base map : State of Alabama Highway Department, 1973.; Land use shown by color.; Roads and roadway features shown by symbols.; Land use and land cover: Interpreted from 35 mm Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service Photography, Summer 1981 for all of Dale County except Fort Rucker. Fort Rucker land cover was generalized from USGS topographic maps and dated photography. The Authors and the University disclaim responsibility for any errors in the interpretation found on this map.; This land use and land cover map was funded under a grant by the School of Mines and Energy Development.
Cartographic Lab, Dept. of Geography, the University of Alabama (publisher)
Linebeck, Neal G. (creator)
Kallsen, Thomas J.; Weaver, David C., 1942-; University of Alabama. Cartographic Laboratory. (contributor)
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