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subject : Norway--Maps--Early works to 1800
Shows the remote Jan Mayen Island, which belongs to Norway. The island was discovered in 1614, and it was named after the sea captain who discovered it.; The title cartouche is flanked by a pair of whale fishermen, while the scale cartouche at the top is surrounded by putti.; Illustrations show ships and whaling operations.
n.p (publisher)
Jansz, Jan, active 1597-1630. (creator)
Relief shown pictorially.; Issued in La geografia di Claudio Tolomeo alessandrino.; On verso: "De' Paesi Settentrionali Tavola Nvova"; In upper left margin: Descrittione dell' America; In upper right margin: Libro Quarto: 142.; Title at top outside neat line "Septenirionalivm Partivm Nova Tabvla"".; Based upon Gastaldi's miniature map of 1548.
Ruscelli, Girolamo, -approximately 1565. (creator)
Ptolemy, active 2nd century.; Rosaccio, Giuseppe, approximately 1530-approximately 1620. (contributor)
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